We offer “cotto” floor tiles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes in glazed or non-glazed versions, in piatto, rustico and antico styles. Our tiles are perfectly suited for laying them on terraces and in doors. They’re designed both for floors and walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Łukova’s floor tiles are recommended especially for the renovation of historic buildings: castles, museums and interiors of the rustic buildings.


If you are looking for a good durable and unique tile then you have come to the right place. Our brick perfectly dampens all low and high frequency sounds (great soundproofing of the room).


The face of the tile was smoothed with a special string before firing, resulting in visible cracks and the natural texture of the brick. This gives the brick a natural look and a unique texture. Ideal for raw loft interiors as well as for the renovation of old antique walls. Suitable for floors and walls.


We offer beautiful hand-glazed ceramic tiles that can enhance the interiors of buildings with unique decorative elements. The handmade production method guarantees that each tile is unique, so no customer will ever receive two identical tiles. It is worth noting that the tiles fit perfectly in a wide range of interiors, such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room. The beauty of the tiles is particularly evident when there are a large number of them. This does not change the fact that, when used singly, they can also well provide the perfect finishing touch.


If you are looking for a good durable and unique brick then you have come to the right place.
Churches, houses, museums, towers and much more are built with our brick.
It is ideal for partition walls in rooms – our bricks perfectly dampen all low and high frequency sounds.
Such bricks are ideal for barbecues, partitions, flooring etc.