We sell cut tiles made from new brick.
Our brick is produced by hand with a tradition of 130 years.
The brick is not demolished, brittle, mouldy or mouldy.
Clay brick from our mine
High quality brick with unique colour and texture.
Our bricks are NEW and look OLD
Recommended for allergy sufferers

Brick from Lukowa is characterised by excellent mechanical strength, as it is nature that prepares the raw material and creates the structure of the brick. The raw material is heaped and, during the winter, subjected to a freezing process and poured with water to increase resistance to negative temperatures. The heaping process also aerates the raw material, making it more malleable. It is then mixed with sand to add variety to the mass structure and formed into wet shapes, which land in the Hoffmann kiln covered with sand. The firing process is very complex and virtually uncontrollable, so that the fired brick can surprise with amazing visual effects.