Simplicity and timeless beauty define the quality offered by cotto tiles. The uniqueness of each tile is achieved through the variation of raw materials, hand shaping, and firing technique. An important feature of cotto tiles is their colourful warmth. This does not necessarily imply a rustic character, as cotto tiles fit perfectly into a wide variety of environments.

We offer cotto floor tiles in a wide range of sizes, shapes, in glazed or unglazed versions, in piatto, rustico, antico styles. The tiles are ideal for laying on terraces and in living rooms. Cotto tiles are used for both floors and walls, kitchens and bathrooms. Lukova floor tiles are especially recommended for renovation of historical buildings, castles, museums and rustic interiors.

*Dimensions of individual tiles are for reference only. Dimensional variations of +/- 5 mm are permitted.

Type Kind Size Additional information
SQUARES Q7 7,5x7,5x2 178 pcs./m2
Q9 9x9x2 123 pcs./m2
Q12 12x12x2 70 pcs./m2
Q15 15x15x2 44 pcs./m2
Q18 18x18x2 30 pcs./m2
Q20 20x20x2 25 pcs./m2
Q22 22x22x2 20 pcs./m2
BUSTA Busta 15 15x7,5x2 88 pcs./m2
Busta 18 18x9x2 60 pcs./m2
Busta 20 20x10x2 50 pcs./m2
Busta 25 25x12x2 33 pcs./m2
Busta Rustic 25x12x2,5 33 pcs./m2
OKTAGON Oktagon 18x18x2 31 pcs./m2
HEXAGON Hexagon 17 śr. 17 55 pcs./m2
Hexagon 22 śr. 22 30 pcs./m2
GOTHA Gotha 11 34x11x2 31 pcs./m2